• Fitness Room:
    Available during operating hours
    For ages 16 through Adult                         
  • Fee: $4/visit or $30/month – Non-city
    $3/visit or $20/month – city
    For first visit, participants must set an appointment for orientation with Pat Sedlock.  
  • Gym Walkers:
    Date: Monday – Friday                                           
    Time: 8:30am – Noon
    No Fee                                                  
  • Walkers can enjoy the comfort and shelter of being indoors. Sign indicates the number of laps required for distances up to one mile.
  • Pickleball (FREE)
     Date: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday                 Time: 8:30am – 11:30am 


  • Zumba
    Cost: $3.00 per class
    Date: Mondays 6:15pm. Tuesdays  6:00pm, & Thursday 

  • Interval Training
    Cost: $3.00 per class
    Date: Mondays & Wednesday 9am

  • GF Strength
    Cost: FREE
    Date: Mondays, Wednesday & Friday  10am

  • Strong & Fit
    Cost: $3.00 per class
    Date: Monday 5pm, Wednesday & Thursday  12pm,       
    Friday 10am

  • Yoga
    Cost: $3.00 per class
    Date: Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am

  • Stickin’ It/Walking Group
    Cost: $3.00 per class
    Date: Tuesday & Thursday 12:30pm












-an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed to dance music.

– combination class with cardio & body weight intervals.  Classis suitable for beginners, active agers & intermediate exercisers, with options for higher & lower intensity.  Last 15 min of class will consist of core work

-build strength, improve balance & stamina, & increase flexibility.  No aerobics or floorwork!  Most of the exercises are done seated in chairs.

-sculpt, tone, & strengthen with a low impact circuit combination of free weights, steps, exercise balls, medicine balls & Pilates rings.

-mixed level yoga class improves strength & flexibility through concentrated breathing & stretching poses while focusing on proper body alignment.  Open to all ages & fitness levels.  Bring your own mat.

-Nordic-style walking group for a total body version of walking.  Fantastic way to improve overall health while socializing outdoors.